About me

authorLiving full time in Venice, Italy, married to a Venetian and mother to one lass, a good few years ago I took on the challenge of a Creative Writing course to learn how to inject some technique into my scribbles and how to put my piles of notes and notions into order. I also felt that it was about time I created a space where I could scribble to my heart’s content about anything and everything which might pique my curiosity. As I have said on my ‘Scribbles’ page, not everything in here will be deep enough to sink your teeth into, but if nothing else, the blog will help me keep my typing fingers supple and maybe provide you with something amusing to take your mind off your own daily woes!

Be warned that between one writers’ block and another I also take the odd photograph here and there. Of course a lot of bad shots will slip in alongside the not-so-bad ones as I don’t profess to have any exceptional skills in the art. I followed a course in photography to feel confident enough to produce work that could be used in my web design without stepping on anyone’s copyrighted toes.

From a practical point of view, in here you will also find that I am gradually building up a set of resources for writers which I have discovered whilst surfing the net. I claim no personal merit for any of the linked material, nor do I have any control over the content of external sites except for those listed at the foot of this web page.

I feel that a p.s. is necessary here…
In between my digital activities, I spend a fair amount of time applying myself to creative arts of all kinds, and when time and opportunity arises, I host and tutor workshops for all sorts of crafts such as weaving, painting on silk and papercrafts. Occasionally expert tutors will be invited along to demonstrate their skills too. Some of my handmade items are available to purchase, whilst my digital efforts can be found on numerous print-on-demand products. Check the links below for more details: