Explore Animation

Week 1

Attempt no.2 repeated
Same treatment as the first attempt (no.2) — used tripod with mobile phone stuck on cardboard platform. Doesn’t seem to be a great deal of improvement — and probably all these videos on the same page here are slowing things down! I’ll see if just adding a link to the media file will speed things up a bit.
Click on the link that follows: ball-bounce03

Attempt no.3
Ok — this time the intention was to create a short stop-motion video using objects. So many ideas, but as I was in the process of taking down our Christmas decorations I decided to combine the activity with the animation exercise.
Don’t know if anyone else has this issue — but it seems to me that the Stop Motion Studio app I’ve installed on my Windows Phone, only allows me to create videos of a certain length/size, because it just green screened when I attempted to add further frames to lengthen the movie. Anyway, here is my attempt:

Attempt no.2
Still having problems with the paper for the flip book, so have created a platform to hold the phone camera and opt for another stop-motion film of flip book without the hand shaking.
Click on gallery images below for enlargements.

Attempt no.1

Very frustrating as the post-its wouldn’t flick for me so I was unable to film the animation! Unfortunately the post-its are not the originals, so it could be that the quality of the paper is not right for this exercise. I had to do ‘stop motion’ with a hand-held phone camera to demonstrate that I had done the sketches. Better luck next time and hopefully with real post-its to do the job properly — plus some sort of tripod to keep the camera steady.