Bigger downscaling

It is just so long since we had any news for our boat blog, I have just had to content myself with reading the adventures and misadventures of others – so I want to thank those with problems with their boat bottoms and hatches and so on who have kept my interest alive in these recent weeks.

But there has been a step forward of sorts, in so much as the 3 permits have at last come through to build the big marina where we are hoping to have our space. We submitted our request for the mooring some time back, but until these 3 permits are officially collated and the plans back in the main authority offices, they cannot begin to process our request.

I have continued to throw out stuff accumulated over the years, but only yesterday we at last decided to make a big move and sell the car. For those who live on the mainland this may seem pure folly, but we have to take a boat trip to get to our car which costs us about €2000 a year to keep in a multi-storey garage. That is the folly from our point of view! So we have put the word around and are now looking at motorbikes.

We used to have a motorbike some years ago – nothing very big, and I seem to recall that we passed more time pushing it to the garage than riding it – but it sure was fun. If nothing else, we might even be able to load a motorbike onto a barge which would give us more autonomy during our trips out and about. As for the car – there are a couple of car sharing places nearby if we think we need a car for the odd day out, so not having our own shouldn’t bother us really.

So yet again I suppose I must end on the usual note — ‘watch this space!’