So where is my helmet?

Just phoned Claudio who is on his way back from buying the bike!!!
We have had to leave it at the home of the guy who sold it to us as we have still not set up a contract for the insurance nor for the garage. We will be going to pick it up in about 10 days.

So it’s a Honda Shadow, 750cc in a sort of dusty blue and silver. The previous owner, 71 years of age, thought he wanted to start raving on a bike and used it in the local shopping mall car park a few times, clocking up the grand total of 125km on a brand new bike!!! We just happened to get in right after he put the ad online, and sealed ourselves an incredibly good deal. So watch out … the Easy Rider is in town!

Had another lovely surprise yesterday too — Claudio’s young cousin is a professional musician — bassoon, cello and working on his saxophone too. His lovely companion is a professional viola player, and they have just finished touring over the summer. He has been in several European locations, and she has been to Shanghai, Switzerland, and lastly Italy, so they thought to drop by here for a few days. It was wonderful to see them as they are such a super couple, and it gave us an excuse to eat out and take them for a ride around town in the boat.

But this is enough excitement for one day… now to get some work done before our brief break begins at the end of the week.