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Words of a Feather

Our new site is up and running. A fair amount of groundwork has been done and a fairly clear plan of operation is emerging.
Take a peek […]

There are areas of the site which will be open to the public in general, and then other areas which will be accessible according to the registered user level. Generally speaking registered users will need an invitation to take part. If they are registered as contributors this will mean that they can ‘hide’ areas of their written content on a temporary or permanent basis so that the public/registered users can read/comment/critique etc. or not. Registered users will be able to add their own events to the events’ calendar and have access to various resources which we will post on the site from time to time.

Most sites for writers offer competitions and other events occasionally so we will be looking further into the development of similar ideas.

Open University

booksThere seems to be a mad rush going on in the course forum for all to join up for the next course. The natural evolution of an OU Creative Writer would probably be to move on to the Advanced Creative Writing course — at least, that certainly seems to be how a lot of the students in the forums see it for the development of their writing careers. Their decision may also have something to do with how their degree course is structured, but as I am probably looking at an Open Degree which at this stage has just as much chance of becoming a Science Degree as an Arts one, I don’t feel as if I am harnessed by the more obvious choices.

So thinking about other options, and doing a few calculations on what I still have to do for the degree, I see that I have foolishly left myself another 10 credits to collect at Level 1 — another 10 credits to collect at Level 2, and finally 60 to collect at Level 3! Was I shortsighted or what? So I am thinking of doing another 30 credit course at Level 2 to make up for the credits missing in the first 2 levels, and then finally the 60 credit course at Level 3. Which would all be just perfect if it weren’t for the fact that I can’t really see anything with 30 credits which appeals to me.

Probably it would be a wise move to try for a 30 or 60 credits at Level 3? What do you think? Anyway, in actual fact I have been looking at a 60 credit course, Level 2 which would give me a handle on English used in various parts of the world. A deeper understanding of the development of the use of the language at various cultural levels, and in various international cultures. Sounds quite fascinating, so watch this space …

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