The weatherman tells us that the weather is going to be truly rotten from this evening for 24 hours or so. He tells us that we should expect torrential rain and hail, bad storms and even the occasional ‘tromba d’aria’ here and there. And if you are uncertain about those, they are tornadoes. So we decided that today, before all this happens — would be as good a time as any to go out on the bike for a few hours. We didn’t actually go that far from home as we had some things to pick up in the hypermarkets out on the mainland, but if nothing else it meant that we were able to turn the bike engine over after 10 days of its inactivity sitting in the garage.

I experimented with my little digital recorder — I wanted to pick up some local noises and the bike was on my list. A bit disappointing since the wind almost smothered the engine noise, but I also managed to get the local boat transport noises, and a few inside the supermarket including the ‘beeping’ cash register. Hubby managed to set off the alarm in the men’s loos after pulling the alarm cord instead of pushing the thingie on top of the cistern!

We also picked up a couple of toys for daughter’s doggie, Tria, and I am now waiting for her to drop by so we can see the puppy’s reaction! Daughter is pretty peeved as her boyfriend has had to go off for some five days for work. He is a sailing instructor and occasionaly gets sent off to the French Riviera — or other places, to look at/arm/repair yachts. This time he was sent to Sardinia and should be back tomorrow. I think he is also supposed to be messing about with the America’s Cup next week. I only hope they have some decent weather, but the weatherman hasn’t given a terribly pormising forecast that’s for sure.

p.s. for anyone who might have gone to the trouble of reading the previous post regarding our bike, you may have noticed that the photos show two different bikes. Well spotted! That one was a Honda and this one is a Moto Guzzi — decided to buy local produce and move up to a bigger engine which will theoretically be better for all those long journeys we keep planning to do — and which up until now we have not really done. But don’t lose faith and come back often to see if we eventually manage to cross the Alps!

So where is my helmet?

Just phoned Claudio who is on his way back from buying the bike!!!
We have had to leave it at the home of the guy who sold it to us as we have still not set up a contract for the insurance nor for the garage. We will be going to pick it up in about 10 days.

So it’s a Honda Shadow, 750cc in a sort of dusty blue and silver. The previous owner, 71 years of age, thought he wanted to start raving on a bike and used it in the local shopping mall car park a few times, clocking up the grand total of 125km on a brand new bike!!! We just happened to get in right after he put the ad online, and sealed ourselves an incredibly good deal. So watch out … the Easy Rider is in town!

Had another lovely surprise yesterday too — Claudio’s young cousin is a professional musician — bassoon, cello and working on his saxophone too. His lovely companion is a professional viola player, and they have just finished touring over the summer. He has been in several European locations, and she has been to Shanghai, Switzerland, and lastly Italy, so they thought to drop by here for a few days. It was wonderful to see them as they are such a super couple, and it gave us an excuse to eat out and take them for a ride around town in the boat.

But this is enough excitement for one day… now to get some work done before our brief break begins at the end of the week.

Bigger downscaling

It is just so long since we had any news for our boat blog, I have just had to content myself with reading the adventures and misadventures of others – so I want to thank those with problems with their boat bottoms and hatches and so on who have kept my interest alive in these recent weeks.

But there has been a step forward of sorts, in so much as the 3 permits have at last come through to build the big marina where we are hoping to have our space. We submitted our request for the mooring some time back, but until these 3 permits are officially collated and the plans back in the main authority offices, they cannot begin to process our request.

I have continued to throw out stuff accumulated over the years, but only yesterday we at last decided to make a big move and sell the car. For those who live on the mainland this may seem pure folly, but we have to take a boat trip to get to our car which costs us about €2000 a year to keep in a multi-storey garage. That is the folly from our point of view! So we have put the word around and are now looking at motorbikes.

We used to have a motorbike some years ago – nothing very big, and I seem to recall that we passed more time pushing it to the garage than riding it – but it sure was fun. If nothing else, we might even be able to load a motorbike onto a barge which would give us more autonomy during our trips out and about. As for the car – there are a couple of car sharing places nearby if we think we need a car for the odd day out, so not having our own shouldn’t bother us really.

So yet again I suppose I must end on the usual note — ‘watch this space!’