Fog [haiku]

Foggy morn
shrouds sound in veil of silence
clothed in grey

Wait for me

Photograph by Janys Hyde

Wait there my boy, we must depart,
but I’ll soon be home, you’ll see.
Away he trooped with all the men
without glancing back at me.

They soon retreated from my view,
a bright patch in the distance.
How war affects the strongest man
had still not touched my conscience.

I was too young to even know
that they’d live in fields of mud,
amid the blast of massive guns
and the stench of death and blood.

But he did not keep his promise,
they say t’was not his fault.
There had been far too few of them
to make the final assault.

They finally recovered him,
when all the war was over;
a fallen hero at the end
amid red poppies and white clover.

Words & image by Janys Hyde

Cardo & Friends

Thrilled to get a message from Mark this morning telling me how the launch of Cardo’s new cd had gone off. Sounds as if there was a real big party and everyone has come through feeling very satisfied with the results. I know this has taken a long while to develop and produce, so the team certainly deserves a big pat on the back.

Here is a link to Cardo’s site where for a short while it will be possible to listen to some of the tracks off the cd. Cardo’s style is very reminiscent of artistes such as Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Leonard Cohen and Johnny Cash.

Some of the lyrics are downright tough and in strong contrast with the musical arrangements. Many of them highlight the ongoing crisis in the border towns of Cardo’s hometown, El Paso, Texas.

Good news for me too as Mark is looking into our combined words and pictures project which we are hoping to work on later this year. Check out some of Mark’s amazing photography here …

Nocturnal investigations

paparazziWell my exhibition is called more or less that…

The plan is to have a map of Venice and from there lots of pics pinned on and around it with tapes joining up various areas of the board … a bit like a police evidence board, a sort of ‘whodunnit’, or in this case, where is she. Why? It represents a mother’s quest to find her daughter. All night time shots showing lots of ghostly figures around town trying to find out more about my daughter’s night life and where she goes when the sun goes down.

It just wouldn’t have been me to do something terribly formal. Today my curator came around to try to work out how to display all my work as I am not going to be here to help her to do it. If nothing else it will give potential visitors something to scratch their heads over, which is precisely the effect I want to have on them.

All the shots are night shots, as I said before… and all taken using available light which has resulted in lots of ghost like figures moving around because of the long exposures… quite interesting, so I have my fingers crossed for some decent feedback.

Anaerobic reading

homecomingI just cannot imagine quite where the day has gone to…

But I digress … the image I have posted is a rather whimsical edit I did some time back of a photograph I took of a local fisherman who silently glides out of the little harbour area behind the new residential area of ex-Junghans here on the island of Giudecca. He is away in the wee small hours, and silently glides back when the hours are still pretty small and pretty wee, occasionally bringing with him a small catch of whatever local fish happens to be in season.

If nothing else, the internet headaches of the last few days have meant that I have had a bit more time away from the keyboard than usual, which has forced me to seek ‘amusement’ elsewhere and allowed me to wallow in the luxury of a book — a real book that actually uses real words instead of a load of gobbledygook such as HTML, CSS and similar. And what better book to read and stay on theme than Terry Darlington’s ‘Narrow Dog to Carcassonne’ I might ask?

Comments? I think the best way I can describe it — in a word — is — anaerobic! Neither he nor I ever seemed to come up for air, and he well achieved his mission — I dropped other things to keep on reading. A right giggle from beginning to end. Anyone else read it?

But anyway, must rush as I have dived straight into ‘Narrow Dog to Indian River’ since I still had my diving equipment on, it seemed a good idea to keep going. Hang on whilst I take a deep breath and go under…